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Well come to the beautiful land of Malakand. Our school is situated in the heart of Malakand Batkhela at the left bank of upper swat canal ,beautiful hilly scenery at the south and north .educational institutions surrounds it where government degree college for women at the south ,government girls community model school at the north ,government centennial model school for boys and government degree college for men at the west .the staff of our sc...
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Govt: Primary School Upper Batkhela
Govt: Primary School Upper Batkhela
Mohalla Amin Abad Batkhela, Malakand, Pakistan
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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Civil Servant (Amendment) Act 2013-Pension & Gratuity!

The Secretary Provincial Assemblyof Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has issued Notification No. PA/ Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/Bills/2013/2848 dated 22-01-2013 regarding Civil Servant (Amendment) Act 2013 inconnection with Pension and Gratuity. This bill was passed by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Assembly on 15 th January 2013 and assented to bythe Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on 17 th January 2013. The following amendments have been made in the existing Act No. XVIII of 1973: Pension & Gratuity: 1- On retirement from service, a civil servant shall be entitled to receive such pension or gratuity as may be prescribed. 2- In the event of death of a civil servant, whether before or after retirement, his family shall be entitled to receive such pension or gratuity or both as may be prescribed. 3- No Pension shall be admissible to a civil servant who is dismissed or removed from service for reasons of discipline, but Govt may sanction compassionate allowance to such civil servant not exceeding two-third of the pension or gratuity which would have been admissible to him had he been invalided from service on the date of such dismissal or removal. 4- If the determination of the amount of Pension or Gratuity admissible to a civil servant is delayed beyond one month of thedate of his retirement or death, he or his family, as the case may be, shall be paid provisionally suchanticipatory pension or gratuity as may be determined by the prescribed authority according tothe length of service of the civil servant which qualifies for pension or gratuity, and any overpayment on such provisional pension shall be adjusted against the amount of pension or gratuity finally determined as payable to such civil servant or his family. Provided that those who are appointed in the prescribed manner to a service or post on or after the 1 st July 2001 till 23 rd July 2005 on contract basis shall be deemed to have been appointed on regular basis. Provided further, that the amount of Contributory ProvidentFund subscribed by the civil servant shall be transferred to his General Provident Fund . 5- In case any difficulty arises in giving effect to any of the provisions of his section, the Secretary to Government Establishment Department shall constitute a committee comprisingof the Secretary to Government, Finance Department, Secretary toGovt Law Department and Accountant General Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for removal of the difficulty. (A Post by According to this notification the employees appointed after july 2005 will not be considered for Pension and Gratuity. Yes or Nowhats will be the status of employees appointed on contract basis after july 2005 , did they will recieve the the facilities alsoAOA DEAR I AM WORKING IN KPK GOVT SERVICE SINCE 2007…. DEAR IN THIS NEW SAID BILL OF PENSION AND GRADUITY THE RIGHT OF PENSION AND GRADUITY IS GIVENONLY TO THE EMPLOYEES APOINTEDBEFORE JULY 2005…. NO I WANT TO ASK THAT WHY PENSION AND GRADUITY RIGHTS IS NOT FOR ALL GOVT EMPLOYEES TILL2013….WHY GOVT IS NOT GIVING US THE RIGHT OF PENSION AND RADUITY???? REGARDS MUSTAFA SHAH MED MBA LLBSir Eye u r wrong i think,i confirm from the mover of the said bill israr ullah gandapur he said that this bill will b applicable for all employeestill date.not only for upto 2005..so plzz employees after 2005 don,t worry..ok.thnx.saifu lala marwat WAHDAT ASATEZA DIKAccording to this notification the employees appointed after july 2005 will not be considered for Pension and Gratuity. Yes or NoDear I am not wrong according to the notification issued. If it willbe applicable for all employees then there must be issue amendment in the notification. I only say that the notification says.