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Well come to the beautiful land of Malakand. Our school is situated in the heart of Malakand Batkhela at the left bank of upper swat canal ,beautiful hilly scenery at the south and north .educational institutions surrounds it where government degree college for women at the south ,government girls community model school at the north ,government centennial model school for boys and government degree college for men at the west .the staff of our sc...
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Govt: Primary School Upper Batkhela
Govt: Primary School Upper Batkhela
Mohalla Amin Abad Batkhela, Malakand, Pakistan
Contacts:  923135588109, 03339492463, 03469477440

Islam and Education!

Education is the most important factor in development of a country, if a country is facing problems in setting up a high quality education system; the growth of country just stops. Pakistan is also facing many problems in the system of education. The biggest issue is the inequality in the education and poor educational structure. There are three streams of educational systems: firstly, the public sector education (read Urdu-medium schools); secondly, the private sector (English-medium schools) and finally, the Islamic School also known as madressah education. All these systems cater to a different stratum of the populace: for instance, the government schoolscater to the middle and lower-middle classes, while the private schools take students from the privileged class who can afford their through-the-ceiling fees andother charges. Finally, the madressahs impart education of Quran Recitation free of charge and often also provide boarding and lodging facilities to the poorest of the poor. All these streams have their own sets of pros and cons which affect the students' whole lives, their professional competence and their earning capabilities. Consequently, the vertical divide of society is absolutely complete. There can't be two opinions about the fact that we are living in an unjust and exploitative system that is heavily biased towards the rich. Our ruling class which is a mullah/military/bureaucracy/feudalnexus has a vested interest in keeping the majority of the population ignorant, unskilled, irrational, underfed and unproductive. In order to achieve this objective, they have taken aleaf out of their colonial predecessors' book and adopted their philosophy of dividing the subjects into two classes. Furthermore, besides the system problems as observed, it is obvious that the teachers' problems of insecurity, accommodation, remuneration, political exploitation life threats and deprivation prevent a teacher to play the role of an implementer, prompter, director, guide, counselor, manager, organizer and instructor inside the school and also halt him/her to work outside in the society as a good social. it can be concluded safely that the class-driven educational system is injurious for economic development and national cohesion. Nearly half of our national issues could be solved easily if we devise an educational system that provides one and the same opportunities to all its citizens.