About us !

Well come to the beautiful land of Malakand. Our school is situated in the heart of Malakand Batkhela at the left bank of upper swat canal ,beautiful hilly scenery at the south and north .educational institutions surrounds it where government degree college for women at the south ,government girls community model school at the north ,government centennial model school for boys and government degree college for men at the west .the staff of our sc...
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Govt: Primary School Upper Batkhela
Govt: Primary School Upper Batkhela
Mohalla Amin Abad Batkhela, Malakand, Pakistan
Contacts:  923135588109, 03339492463, 03469477440

Our Mission!

TO IMPART QUALITY EDUCATION TO THE MOST DEPRIVED CHILDREN OF THE PAKHTUN SOCIETY AND TO TAKE THEM TO THE LEVEL OF CENTMARRY AND CONVENT ."To instil moral values and provied education to all citizens irrespective of gender, caste, creed or race. The basic thurst of the reform agenda is to literat the citizens with standard education and build the character of the youth with the high values of society.We pride ourselves on our committment to our students and community.

In partnership with parents and the community and with the belief that all children are capable of success, we the staff at GPS UPPER BATKHELA are dedicated to fostering each child's full academic potential;  building each child's self-esteem;  and empowering each child to become a responsible, respectful, and contributing citizen.
As a professional learning community, the GPS UPPER BATKHELA staff commits to . . .

creating a safe and caring environment for our students fostering parent and community involvement believing that all children can learn nurturing the whole child modeling lifelong learning celebrating diversity and uniqueness in our students focusing on the positive and what we can control basing all decisions on what is best for our students working collaboratively staying abreast of current research and best practices empowering our students to become responsible, respectful and contributing citizens

Complementing this Mission, the Vision for the education sector is as follows: *.Provide quality education, enabling all citizens to reach their maximum potential; *.Produce responsible and skilled citizens; *.Integrate Pakistan into the global framework of human-centred economic development. The National Education System should be meaningful and relevant in order to alleviate poverty and sustain growth through the provision of quality education for all Pakistanis, without discrimination, thus facilitating the creation of a knowledge-based society. (Pakistan Development Forum) he mission of education in Pakistan, according to the Education Sector Reforms (ESR), is: