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Well come to the beautiful land of Malakand. Our school is situated in the heart of Malakand Batkhela at the left bank of upper swat canal ,beautiful hilly scenery at the south and north .educational institutions surrounds it where government degree college for women at the south ,government girls community model school at the north ,government centennial model school for boys and government degree college for men at the west .the staff of our sc...
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Govt: Primary School Upper Batkhela
Govt: Primary School Upper Batkhela
Mohalla Amin Abad Batkhela, Malakand, Pakistan
Contacts:  923135588109, 03339492463, 03469477440

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Govt to raise salary and pension by 10-15% in 2017-18
Thu, May 25, 2017

Got any Elementary & Secondary Education Related Issues? 8889 One Call to Address them All!
Sun, May 10, 2015

ایلیمنٹری اینڈ سیکنڈری ایجوکیشن سے متعلق کوئی مسئلہ ہو .. ٨٨٨٩ ایک کال سے سب ہو جائےGot any Elementary & Secondary Education Related Issues? 8889 One Call to Address them All!

Guidelines for Submission and Scrutiny of the Medical Claims
Sat, Dec 20, 2014

Government of the Pakistan, Ministry of Health has already issued Notification No. F.5-38/2001-Chief (II) dated 16-03-2006 in connection with guidelines for submission and scrutiny of the medical claims. The Guidelines for Submission and Scrutiny of the Medical Claims 1.The Guidelines for Submission and Scrutiny of the Medical Claimsare as under: 2.Only the attached prescribed application form be used. 3.Proper prescription bearing O.P.D No, name, age, sex and disease of the patient and admission/discharge slip (in case of indoor treatment) be attached in support of the claim. 4.Names of quantity of the medicines purchases by the claimant be enclosed with the application for reimbursement. 5.Application must be countersigned by any one of the officers mentioned at the copy of the Notification. 6.In case of patient is referred to some other hospital by his authorized Medical Attendant of such referral letter/move sanction, as the case may be be attached with the claim. 7.Cost of treatment taken from the un-authorized hospital/private clinic of doctor (even if he/she serving in any Govt hospital) is not admissible. 8.Only the receipts written on the proper hospital printed form/prescription slip duly stamped is be accepted. 9.Cash memos must be on proper form with licence No. of the chemist and signed by the authorized Medical Attendant. 10.Cost of Unani, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicines will not be reimbursed. 11.Transportation charges of the patient are not to be reimbursed. 12.Cost of laboratory tests taken from authorized/un-authorized hospital /laboratory are admissible on the basis of reference by the authorized Medical Attendant only. 13.The const of vaccine (s), blood and products is admissible. 14.The cost of the following items is not reimbursable: Cost of organs and tissues in case of transplants Soap and detergents Food supplements Toilets and cosmetic goods Thermometers Expenses incurred on medical treatment abroad 15. The cost of the following items is reimbursable: Antiseptic liquids as prescribed Disposables as prescribed 16. “Dental treatment” includes treatment of alveolar (gum and jaws bones) diseases, extraction of teeth, treatment for dental caries, gingivitis, pyorrhoea and filling (temporary or permanent) of dental cavitiesincluding root canal treatment, scaling but does not include dental implants, orthodontic application, bridging, crowining and provision of dentures. 17. In addition to above, if any patient has to get medical treatment from any un-authorized/private hospital/military hospital/clinic, in emergency, he is required to produce emergency certificate from the treating doctor showing, nature of disease and treatment given, duly countersigned by the nearest Authorized Medical Attendant (AMA) as specified in para 4 of the guidelines. This superceeds the Ministry of Health’s circular No. F.1-1/2005-MR-I dated 17-11-2005.

Our vision
Mon, Jan 14, 2013

Our vision for each and every child is based on: Developing a balanced sense of self-awareness and respect Finding a valued place in the school community Learning to form healthy, lasting relationships and increasing their social network Cultivating aesthetic appreciation, igniting a curious and explorative mind Establishing basic knowledge of skills and attitude

The Notification of Winter Vacations by Higher Education Department Punjab has been issued. Governme
Tue, Nov 30, 1999

The Notification of Winter Vacations by Higher Education Department Punjab has been issued. Government of the Punjab, Higher Education Department has issued Notification No. S.O.(A-II)1-1/2001 dated 18-12-2014 in connection with Winter Vacationswith effect from 20-12-2014 to 09-01-2015. In continuation of this department¡¯s Notification of even number dated 28-05-2014, entry appearing at Serial No. 13 may be read as under for the current academic year 2014: New Schedule of Winter Vacations by Higher Education Department Punjab S.NoName of OccasionsDaysDate during year 2014 13Winter Vacation-20thDecember 2014 to 9thJanuary 2015 The above mentioned schedule of vacations will be observed in all the colleges of Public and private sectors in Punjab.